Friday, May 1, 2009

Ah, It's Spring and the Curmudgeon's Back in the House

Upon arrival home, I found the following:

  • signs from my weed-control people, advising all to stay off my lawn because of treatment
  • small children, throwing dirt from under my shrubs onto my walkway
  • small children, digging in the dirt where the tree stump used to be
  • small children, running into my side yard.

I have on two separate occasions so far gone out and asked that they not do that, as, you know, not their yard, plus chemicals. Alas, they keep coming back, and adults on porch next door seem not to care. Sigh. Do I ask too much that folk keep offa my lawn, I ask?

1 comment:

Toby said...

You need to get a good story circulating about the Indian burial ground on your property and the life long curse it leaves on children who are silly enough to cross onto your property. Maybe hire an actor to go around telling his tales of woe after he went into your yard in the early 80s to fetch an errant baseball. Mainly consisting of him being an actor in his 30s/40s reduced to marketing his skills for bit work.