Monday, June 8, 2009

As the Employees of My Roofing Contractor Take Turns Driving by to Puzzle over This

We can start up a pool to ascertain exactly what the heck this is about. It goes all the way around the roof, with random shingles snapped off.

My dad says wind, but I'm postulating a raccoon hit ordered by the starlings who've suffered in my basement. Or could it be human meddling wrought by neighborhood toughs who travel with collapsible ladders?

It's hard not to take it personally. This is what I get for going on vacation.


Toby said...

Hmm. Missing shingles in fairly regular intervals. I've seen this a bunch of times: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Princess Mononoke. Clearly, an epic battle of martial arts masters occurred in your neighborhood, part of which involved the combatants scampering from rooftop to rooftop. Don't take it personally. It was bound to happen eventually.

Laura said...

I concur: I like how you think.