Monday, September 14, 2009

Things I've Learned This Weekend

  1. That whereas I, as a young tot, wrote epic poems of broken bones and swingsets, others wrote odes to their mothers' roast beef.
  2. That there exists a school whose sports teams are known as the "Pretzels." The sports metaphors write themselves, and the marching-band configurations take on an added dimension of difficulty. If, for instance, their signature formations involved dimmed stadium lighting and colored hat lights, imagine the possibility of collision and injury! (Although this risk would possibly bring higher rewards at state competitions.)
  3. That floating along in a tank of saline solution can involve zen-like peace, but also salt in one's ears.
  4. That brunch is, by far, the best meal of the day.


Toby said...

Brunch is a scam invented by restaurants to charge you $12 for eggs and some potatoes. A tasty scam, but a scam nonetheless.

Laura said...

To you, I say: You're hanging out at the wrong places (i.e., NY). Up the street from me, for example, you can get 2 scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit or hash browns for under $5.

Really, it's about the breakfast at any time of the day that I support. And getting pancakes as a side. Not as the whole meal, mind you, but just in the mix. Dastardly genius.

Toby said...

Breakfast anytime is definitely a genius idea, up there with the ATM. But, as you point out, brunch in NYC has warped into an over-priced (more so than usual) attempt to make people think they're starring in a Sex in the City episode. The horror, the horror.