Thursday, January 21, 2010

For the Love of All That's Holy


Toby said...

I believe it is time for a little dramatic reading from a classic, touchstone production:

Merlin: We've got a MiG on our tail. Watch out! We just flew right through his jetwash!
Merlin: Get control!
Merlin: Good recovery. Let's get in there and help Ice.
Merlin: Let's get back in the game.
Maverick: No, it's no good.
Control: Goddamn it. Maverick's disengaging.
Ice Man: I knew it. Shit!
Merlin: Get in there, come on.
What the hell are you doing?
Merlin: Ice won't last down there alone...
Maverick: Talk to me, Goose.
Merlin: Maverick!
Control: Maverick's re-engaging, sir.

Engage, Obama, engage, damn you!!

Laura said...

Yep. I really can't bear to hear the State of the Union. I don't think there's a grand plan. I think there's a bunch of spineless dems so cowed and so complacent, they'd rather do nothing at all and pretend this whole thing never happened. At this point, they're just looking for an excuse, and I don't think Obama is willing to fight this battle. Huge mistake, in my view.