Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gahhh! The Panic Sets In: Displacement Activity!

While I furiously bake brownies, refresh my favorite blogs, and do my yoga and cardio workout, I make mental lists of everything I see in my house that requires my attention (that window cord; my god, those lights in the garage that haven't worked since the first month I lived here; shit, has that woodwork always had such huge holes?). Of course, I will have to get the city to do an inspection then and fix anything that needs to be fixed before I put the house on the market. And I will be out of vacation time, so I'm seriously wondering how I'll be accomplishing all this in tidy weekend intervals. And while I frantically bake brownies, etc., I panic more about the now-smaller weekend windows I have. . . . It's a vicious circle.

So I'm accepted into one program and awaiting word on the second. But since they're both in the same place, I know where I'm moving and can plan accordingly. Yay! Can I outsource the logistical things? Not only am I not emotionally and financially capable, I lack the physical strength to, say, move every piece of furniture I have into my kitchen so that the floor guy can sand and work his miracles.


Nancy and Rick said...

Man, I got tired just reading this blog post! But remember this too shall pass.

Toby said...

So, where are you moving? Is it where I think you're moving?

Laura said...

Depends. Do you think I'm moving to Nome, Alaska? Because you're right!

Just kidding. LA.

Toby said...

Calculating your rate of westward drift, you should be setting up shop in Sydney, Australia by 2025. I recommend a nice spot near Manly Beach.

Lynette A. Whitfield said...

The grrl child was sad to hear about this new development because, and I quote, "she has such a cool house in Chicago".

Congrats! Living close to an ocean - ahhhh.

Just remember the little people when you write the great american novel. :)

Laura said...

It is a great house. I will weep for my kitchen alone for many years to come.

But, yes, ocean! Mere steps away, in current configuration. The beach-side bike and pedestrian path is also a very strong plus.