Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Signs Your Fake Job Is Stressing You Out

You dream that you are trying to get to the office, via CTA, and you're in line at the farecard machine behind John Cusack. But you don't care so much that John Cusack is in front of you, because you're too busy discussing your non-job ("You do realize I'm not actually getting paid, right?") with your faux boss ("Yes, yes, that's terrible. Now about this thing you have to do by 2 p.m. . . "), who is also in line with you at the machine.

I believe there is a forest-for-the-trees lesson in here somewhere.


Toby said...

And separately, John Cusack woke up thinking, "Man, whoever that woman behind me at the ticket machine is is totally getting screwed over."

Laura said...

God yeah. And possibly he recognized from that time I totally saw him with an entourage out on my lunch hour. And he thought: how nice, she no longer has that strange leg contraption and can walk all normal.

And what do you think this means. Two nights in a row, I've woken up at some ungodly hour certain that the bed was moving and/or there was something rattling/moving. Day 1, I was convinced was an earthquake, day 2, I *knew* it was the cat jumping up and could even see her on B's feet. Of course, I rushed up to open the door, shoo her off, and found her . . . sleeping in the living room.

Even factoring in epic lack-of-glasses nearsightedness, that's weird, right? Too many ghost shows on cable?

Toby said...

Possibly. Or maybe they were actual tiny tremors but only noticeable to new arrivals.