Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What We Have

A new kitchen faucet that looks lovely and modern and no longer leaks.

Bikes, on a bike path, here in warm weather. Did we kick some butt this weekend, zipping past all those wee young tots on skateboards and Huffys? Did we leave those four-seater surrey-type deals in the dust? Yes, yes, we did. To the accompaniment of our own Jackie Stewart-style commentary ("She's coming around the motor track. . .")

Soon-to-be-painted kitchen walls.

A writing nook for me, with hummingbird feeder and ocean view.

Tax refunds! (This one is huge, since next year for me will likely not be pretty vis-a-vis freelancing income.)

More wine than most normal humans can drink, with my own special supply of my favorite $9 Spanish red.

A cat who is admittedly in her dotage, with predictable symptoms on the horizon, but doing her thing. This thing involves actually being cuddly and purring nonstop.

Once you stop freaking out about what might happen or all the scary uncertainty, it's possible to see and enjoy the good stuff. It's also possible to put your own productivity into perspective and see how much you've done.

I swear, I can see the movie made from my memoir already.


Toby said...

When I saw the headline, my brain automatically filled in "...here is a failure to communicate." Fortunately, the post was much more optimistic than I had anticipated.

Laura said...

That's 'cause you live in New York. You all are cynical.

I did have a dream recently, though, where you demanded that you no longer be called "Toby," but insisted on your full and proper name. You got really pissy about it, too. What's up with that?

Nancy and Rick said...

Yeah, good direction and some positive thinking!