Monday, June 13, 2011

Still Living in Dude Nation

Anthony Weiner is really just a scamp who wants to be able to be his own man, find willing partners to enjoy some harmless online flirting, and generally enjoy his dudeness without all the moral scolds harshing his buzz. Let the person who has not accidentally emailed a picture of their dude bits or lady bits to the wrong business clients be the judge! Next, they'll be telling me that it's inappropriate to surf porn at work or something.

For my part, I find it more than a bit depressing that, should I be moved to do some political ranting or chatting with congress via their official communication channels, I can expect that potential for sexxyfun (only if I'm into it, of course! we're all adults here!) just by virtue of the fact that I'm a lady. Complaining to my representative, looking cute on a miniskirt on the bus, hanging out in a singles bar, it's all the same.

Also, can you identify which of these two images fails to adequately illustrate the concept being advertised?

A bad night of sleep always leaves me extra busty. I don't know about you.

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