Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's So Precious You Could Die, Isn't It?

Imagine this, blue, with a bear in a sailor suit instead of little miss up there with ribbons. And you have my solution to hauling home fifty environmentally unfriendly and undrunk water bottles from my various classes, lunches, and road trips.

Yes, it's for kids. But I'm a petite person.


Nikki said...

According to this website they are also free of "lead, phthalates, Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), Bysphenol A (BPA), Bysphenol B (BPB) or any other chemicals which scientists have deemed as potentially harmful". Maddie and Gabe have several of these. My suggestion is to only use them for water and make sure not to lose the plastic ring in the cap. They are also kind of hard to clean.

Laura said...

Thanks for the info!

Yeah, I can see how the tiny neck would make it difficult to clean. (Their website sells brushes for this. Also, replacement caps because all their lids fit all their bottles, which is good to know.)

But, yeah, for me it's just water, for work and class. Easy to throw in the bag.

erik said...

i have one i use when i go hiking (my design is cartoony UFOs hovering over a cityscape, all rendered in stark black and white). don't put anything but water in them for sure, and don't bother buying the brushes. put a drop of dish soap in there, fill 3/4 with hot water, close lid, shake vigorously, empty and rinse.

Toby said...

I bought one as well but have been less pleased with it than I had hoped. I just use a coffee mug at work and use the filtered water that runs off the tap. Same end result.