Monday, April 6, 2009


I just had my mid-semester meeting with my writing teacher. She told me that my stuff was "kicking serious ass." She also asked if I had thought about an MFA program or had talked to the department head about a course of study.

I'm way way excited.


Nikki said...

That is great!

Brian said...

Your teacher's comments reflect what others already knew: You're amazing and talented.

Laura said...

Thanks so much!

I'm kind of embarrassed, though, because after I gave the summary to the boss (who knew where I was going, why, and so forth), he proceeded to tell everyone, including former colleagues, creepy hangers on, etc. Did I feel like a preschooler with a gold star while--after getting waylaid to my office--they politely listened to me recount my writing endeavors? Quite. Yes, I did.