Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Politics and Food

As most of you know from my navel gazing if not my in-person speechifying, I'm obsessed with food, nutrition, and how industrialization of our food production has made us sicker, fatter, and less aware of what we're putting into our bodies.

I haven't seen Food, Inc. yet, but I hear that it's very much worth seeing. And here's a new regular column on food and politics.

On that note, I'm partaking of the first radishes from my garden with my lunch today.

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Toby said...

You might like a blog/website a friend of mine runs. We met at a party years ago when she was a copywriter for J Crew. She grew weary of the rat race, moved to London and has been there for five years or so. Her writing career has slowly morphed into her being a vegan cheerleader/food coach (I guess she's kind of like a nutritionist without the degree). You should check it out. Maybe you can set up a franchise in Chicago.