Friday, August 7, 2009

Pre-Vacation Celebratory Random Song List

1. two characters in search of a country song, the magnetic fields
2. somebody made for me, emmit rhodes
3. quicksand (demo version - 1971), david bowie
4. running the world, jarvis cocker
5. that teenage feeling, neko case
6. hate & war, the clash
7. getting ready, patty griffin
8. this fire, franz ferdinand
9. knock 'em out, lily allen
10. this wheel's on fire, the band

And once I manage to migrate my music off the old pc and onto the mac, I should be grooving even more.

Happily, it appears to be a quiet day here, so the key is to power through to get to the good stuff. Hope you all have a good weekend in store.

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