Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Countdown Begins in Earnest

I've started my MFA program! Soon after I finish typing my inane musings here, I'm going to do some homework and shit. Can you believe that? Homework??

The residency was an interesting experience. I can't say it was "fun," exactly, but it was thought provoking. I'd like to connect more with the people in the program, but at this point, we're still in our own orbits (except the people who are getting everybody's facebook pages). The seminar sessions were very broad, topic-wise, and worthwhile from a craft perspective. It seems like the perfect follow up to my class experiences thus far.

And just before I left for my residency, I acquired a real estate agent, who suggested that we start showing the house while I was out of town. Ergo, I kicked it into gear and spent a day staging and cleaning my house like nobody's business. All the things I meant to do--carrying out furniture and so forth--went by the wayside. But the end results were pretty spectacular, even if I had to stuff some things in my basement, in a tidy fashion.

Three showings later (well, four, if you count a consolidated tour of two parties), I have a contract on the house. The price is a sad reminder of what I could have gotten, had I sold before the crash. But considering the carnage of the housing market around me--short sales, foreclosures, houses on the market for months unto months, price drops following price drops--it's a very respectable deal that gives me a bit of money for the transition to the next job in a newer, sunnier location. Don't tell the cat.

We close on August 15. Oh my god!


Toby said...

Congrats on selling the house! That's great. Good luck with school and the move and, you know, the whole life change thing.

Laura said...

Thanks! Congrats on the new addition yourself. I trust you're sufficiently sleep deprived?

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