Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Am a Master Negotiator

Crisis averted on the real estate front. I cagily countered their $4,000 demand with a $200 credit. They accepted it, and we are now moving forward on all fronts. Woohoo! Feel free to set up your visits to come help me throw shit away. There's lots of good stuff to be had, I assure you.

But I will say, as excited as I am to be moving on, I am so going to miss this house. I hadn't realized how much work I put into making it juuuuust so. My little writing corner (the realtor gushed over that), my cooking space, my feng shui-ful bedroom are all very happy making for me.

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Nancy and Rick said...

As I will also have a soft spot in my heart for the bungalow.