Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Key Is Not to Obsessively Watch Zillow

Getting whiplash here, but we've cleared the most-recent hurdle by me sucking up the bulk of the difference. I loooooove being a seller in a buyer's market. When it's all over and the dust settles, I'll be pleased to walk away with anything. (And I'm not celebrating until we leave the closing.)

So, planning forward on how to unload nearly everything I own and get the ten things I want to take out to California. We're still hashing. I'm contemplating sorting and hauling out to the trash, but I'm so wiped from heroic lawn mowing that I may start tomorrow morning instead, before things get too stifling. I'm also making lists upon lists upon lists of people to call, things to do, things to cancel (useless weed-control service? check.), items to stockpile in advance on the other side (hint: elderly high-maintenance kitties need a lot of shit).

Meanwhile, C has had her intro to the carrier of terror, which will haul her along Southwest's friendly skies. She was pretty cool about it, mostly because all we did was sit on the porch and gape at the neighbors.

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