Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living Beach-Side. Who Knew?

It's so bizarre to be done, to have gone through all the appropriate hurdles to light here in the land of sun, light breezes, low humidity, and no snow. I felt for sure that the transition phase would last forever, that I'd never get through to the end of the purging and the awful real estate contortions.

In retrospect, the awful real estate contortions were not so awful, and I was very very lucky to be able to sell at all, let alone sell for what I paid for it. Okay, slightly less. And I'm now untethered! Able to watch zillow with dispassionate interest! I'll miss the space and the hardwood and the character. And I will mourn my kitchen for years to come.

But we are here! Settling into a routine, of sorts. The cat has adapted marvelously and has spent precisely zero time hiding in fear. Instead, she's kept up a steady food lobbying effort and has availed herself of the napping opportunities the new place affords her. Who doesn't want to nap in the sunbeam while a cool breeze comes in the patio door, I ask?

And I'm finding it a strange adjustment to no longer be an urban commuter. I've worked out a transitional telecommuting relationship with my employer until they figure out what they want to do with the position I've left. It would be nice to just keep on in this capacity, but I will enjoy it all while I have it and set up the contingency plans for when I don't. But I see where one might tend away from wearing pants in these types of working situations. And the fact that I'm not living alone anymore is the one thread of civilization keeping up the shower frequency.

Now I just have to hammer out my writing and exercise routines. I've been so far out of both for so long, I feel like all I want to do is wontonly web surf and nap on the couch.

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