Friday, December 12, 2008

Here's to the End of the Week and a Successful Brie Endeavor

The brie: successfully assembled and baked, with no injuries reported! Furthermore, it was a big hit among the gathered.

In celebration of that, as well as to mark the end of this stress-laden week, I shall randomly dial up the tunes.

1. darling, sons & daughters
2. somebody got murdered, the clash
3. decades, joy division
4. operators manual, buzzcocks
5. surrender, black ivory
6. banking on a myth, andrew bird
7. f-hole, squeeze
8. harry rag, the kinks
9. dream time, the jam
10. needle time, elvis costello and the imposters

bonus: lullabye, by emitt rhodes


Toby said...

The baked brie never disappoints. Glad it came out well in the toaster oven.

Laura said...

The brie is indeed always a crowd pleaser.

I was absurdly excited for the adventure of it all. We're baking on surfaces not cleared for temperatures above 220 degrees! There are paper-towel place mats dangerously adjacent! I had no oven mitts! It could all have gone horribly wrong at any second.

Toby said...

Wow, throw running with scissors into the mix and it was a disaster waiting to happen.

erik said...

i remember toby's magical melted brie concoction from philly days! that's good eatin'. congrats on your success. here's my random ten in honor of the occasion:

1. sing this all together -- cibo matto
2. flipside -- the breeders
3. for you -- les paul
4. the devil is in the details -- boards of canada
5. robot a go go -- stereophonic space sound unlimited
6. con alma (alternate take) -- dizzy gillespie
7. shake -- otis redding
8. don't you evah -- spoon
9. my iron lung -- radiohead
10. super sex -- morphine

Laura said...

I did walk briskly with the cheese knife. It's occurring to me that I may be a thrill seeker.

robot a go go = awesome song title. Also, another band name: The Dead Manuscripts.

erik said...

or a literary hip hop band called The Manucrips.