Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hope You're Prepared for the Season, Also: Heroes!

I'm caught up! I can talk about Heroes now! Hello? Hello?


Toby said...

Sorry, weekends are taken up by tag team baby duty, and when you're off duty, you're generally asleep, sooo...

Heroes, lay it on me.

"You're no killer, Peter. I am"

Laura said...

Man, it's like you're a *parent* or something!!

I think Nathan needs to give it up; even after his epiphanies, he never makes the right decisions.

I prefer the conflicted Silar to the stone-cold evil Silar. Although it is nice how they switch it up by making you feel bad for Silar and Elle as they're week and hunted. And you're right, there's no way he's dead. It's one of those caveats that someone needs to just pull the thing out of his neck.

Eh, you just knew Meredith would die. Yet Parkman motors on to tip his head another day.

I do like the comic-book store meta story. ("Was that Matt Parkman?") And I love Seth Green, although that beard's all kind of wrong.

Hiro and Ando: continually goofy. But now Ando's got powers, setting the stage for the future standoff that Hiro saw.

So, wasn't enthralled, but I'll keep watching. I think I'm expecting some sort of Buffy-style exploration of the nature of evil, and I'm doomed to be disappointed.

Laura said...

that's "weak." I'm working on a White Russian here. That's my excuse.

Toby said...

Yeah, there was a lot of sloppy and not particularly good writing so far this season. Let's see how things go in the second half.