Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Wildlife Non-Refuge

I promised to keep you apprised of any bird-related drama, and I am not one to fail to deliver.

When I noticed, with irritation, that chunks of wood were falling onto my side walkway, I just assumed that I would have to call in the Dad maintenance crew (team of one; works for ice cream) to fix my soffits. Then, there was burgeoning tufts of grass, straw, weeds, and obvious nest-making materials coming out of the soffits, and I thought: well, that's kind of a drag, we'll have to swat that stuff out of there before nailing the boards back up. Alas, I came home this afternoon and discovered a wee baby bird (barely covered in hair, much less feathers), quite dead, on my walkway. And when I walked down the path, I was greeted by screeching, scolding, obviously pissed-off parental sparrows. Yay! Birds with babies! All living in my soffits! It will make for a fun weeding experience this spring. If I'm really lucky, the chicks may get adventurous, and I could wind up with birds in my basement ceiling. Again.

Unrelatedly, I have to note that I cannot believe that I have spent [mumble mumble] years in this job of mine and completely missed one of the more interesting insane-office-coworker-offsetting feature of this place--that is, the yearly urban arts extravaganza, during which variations on the following things are operative:

1. you are besieged with free t-shirts
2. you encounter random intriguing, possibly alarming, sights, such as someone on a giant mountain of packing peanuts or--as I saw this morning, someone dragging a giant block of plaster-of-Paris, in which her arms were embedded
3. local restaurants offer free food and discounts
4. musicians, such as this one or these guys play for free
5. free sushi bar!
6. free drinks!

I am very excited for Friday, when the fest begins. And as if bestowing a gift on the rest of us on this very fun day, the craziest of the crazies is taking a vacation day. It's like Christmas.

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