Monday, March 23, 2009

Free South By Southwest Music Sampler

Here. Includes ten songs by bands at the festival.

Amazon has one too, with artists that don't include the Decemberists.


Toby said...

Looks like my only free evening will be next Friday. If you don't mind joining me and two other editors for dinner on Thursday, I could do that as well (but it won't start until after 6:30; which I guess means I could meet for a drink before then if nothing else works).

Did you see Heroes last night? I just have one thing to say prior to learning if you saw it or not: jheri curls?

Laura said...

You're talking April 3, right? That would work for me.

I did not, in fact, see Heroes last night. I'm all askew on days and television viewing. I didn't even turn the tv on last night, for some reason. I was reading my gardening book, sussing out weed-control techniques and testing my plant knowledge. I'm considering starting seedlings under my kitchen fluorescent lights.

Laura said...

But oh dear. You have me intrigued and/or horrified with your observation there.