Monday, March 2, 2009

Sign 'o the Times

Your quarterly 403(b) statement arrives. The envelope says: "Take a Deep Breath. It's Still a Great Time to Contribute to Your Retirement."

Do you: (a) laugh, (b) weep gently, (c) hibernate until 2020 when this thing should start turning around.


Toby said...

d) go to Wall Street and randomly smack an i-banker on the back of his head.

Any chance you've caught up on Heroes? Even if you haven't, I have to just write down an image that will make you laugh: Both Parkman and Peter Petrelli doing the head-tilt mind-control face, simultaneously.

Laura said...

Please, do that for me too. If I see one more NYT article on how *hard* it is to get the chicks and live a certain lifestyle when the market's tanking, I'll drive there and do it myself.

I was watching Heroes last night, although it was so much about playing catchup--I haven't seen the past couple of episodes. I seem to be stuck in a strange infomercial-populated tv landscape of non-network channels. Just this weekend, for example, I was watching the longest movie, possibly ever--on the Temptations. I didn't even start at the beginning. I suspect it began with all of the original members in utero.

I surmise that Peter and Parkman have blown the round-up scheme, and that of course Sylar's on his daddy/mommy issue quest.

I totally laughed at the Parkman/Peter duo head-tilt action.

I also thought that there's no way they didn't mean that creepy resemblance between Peter and Claire's new beau, particularly when someone remarked on her type. Go, mom, though. I wouldn't let my teenage mutant treat me like a helpless child either, particularly when Claire's not exactly a strategic planner.

And Nathan's an idiot. He didn't think Peter would suck away his power to fly?

Toby said...

Well, it's the Petrelli weakness for familial hugs. Gets them every time.

Toby said...

So, I liked the movie. I imagine it's going to get reamed by reviewers because it comes off a bit clunky in places, and if you've never read the book it will most likely be fairly confusing in places, but I thought it was fun. Visually, it has some really fantastic scenes, though it is incredibly gory in places. The music was the worst part, with really obvious songs that sometimes detracted from the scene. I think it will probably run the same course as 300, which got fairly mediocre reviews but grossed $210 million, ie, the comics fans will watch this, possibly multiple times, in the theaters despite what the critics have to say.

Laura said...

Very cool. That's my perception on how it would shake out. You're serving two different audiences, in effect: the hardcore fans who have the mythology, and the casual first-timer who needs everything spelled out and made simple.

Whether I see it or not is an open question. Maybe I should read instead. Or read, then netflix.

erik said...

if watchman (the graphic novel): watchmen (the movie) :: v for vendetta (the graphic novel) : v for vendetta (the movie), then most certainly read it first, and just netflix the flick.

you people are still watching heroes? i am impressed with your sticktuitiveness.

Laura said...

Well, remember, we were persons next to last and last off the 24 bandwagon.

Well, that's not precisely true. I jumped off pretty early. Toby was next to last, and My friend Andy was the bitter bitter last, not because he wanted to be watching it, but because he had to, goddamnit. He was angry the rest of us were free.

Toby said...

I'd place Watchmen somewhere closer to Sin City than V for Vendetta, if that helps.

Laura said...

Hmmm. I bailed on Sin City. I couldn't handle the ultra violence.

Although I do appreciate the comic geek-a-palooza we've got going here. I feel so inadequately knowledgeable. My exposure begins and ends with: "ooh, loved X-Men when I was a kid."