Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rejection Number 2

Poor poor story. I had hopes for this place, but c'est la vie.


Toby said...

Sorry to hear it, but I think 0-2 is par for the course. Actually, I think 0-10 is par for the course, so you're just getting started. And, in my eyes, even getting something out the door and off to a real, actual publishing venue is huge! I mean, for us sane people. Crazies seem to do it on a regular basis.

Had fun with Thaisa on Saturday. She dropped by at about 4:30 and stayed until about 7 or so. She got to see most of our nighttime routine and went with us when we walked the dog, so she was a real sport. I have pictures that I'll try to send once I download them. You'll have to come and visit soon. Our goal is to be out of NYC before the end of 2009, FYI.

Laura said...

Yeah, baby steps and all that.

Out of NYC to Colorado?

Yes, do send me photos, I'm anxious to see them. Glad you all had fun.

Laura said...

And, yes, I'd love to come visit. Maybe we can do a mini-reunion, for at least Thaisa and me.