Friday, March 6, 2009

It May Be Friday, But Alas, I Must Work This Weekend

You may remember my last conference hell experience round about this time last year. (Hmmm, it seems like I bitched about it more at the time, but I guess I was too tired to.)

Anyway, we have a mini-deal going on this weekend, for which I have to work but one day. And there will be cinnamon rolls, which always offset a lot of grief in my book.

Random ten, since it's Friday.

1. bricks & mortar, the jam
2. dimmest star, pernice brothers
3. heart shaped bruise, elvis costello and the imposters
4. take your carriage clock and shove it, belle & sebastian
5. beetlebum, blur
6. dirt, the stooges
7. i don't want to hear it anymore, dusty springfield
8. take me with u, prince
9. always for you, the album leaf
10. 19-2000 (soulchild remix), gorillaz

bonus number 11: big night, megachoir.

I don't need to point you to the link in the sidebar there, do I people?


erik said...

and this morning i was wondering why my ears were burning.
my random ten is pretty, um random this week:

1. pierre audedat -- less
2. what's that -- sun ra
3. yadda yadda yadda no. 1 -- solex
4. the back sliders (alternate take) -- art blakey and the jazz messengers
5. splashdown -- miles davis
6. bambi -- haji metachibana
7. doce de coco -- yo-yo ma
8. shaft in space -- visit venus
9. on peanuts playground -- wynton marsalis
10. bamboo banga -- m.i.a.

and, because all the cool kids are doing it, a bonus track:

11. seeing other people -- belle and sebastian

enjoy your weekend cinnamon rolls!

Laura said...

Heh, I thought you were calling me cinnamon rolls. This is why we have that comma there.

erik said...

oh, your nickname is totally cinnamon rolls now. and your rap name is lil' cinna. and if you ever get as job as the feisty new lady reporter at the chicago tribune, they're gonna call you C.R. around the bullpen.