Friday, October 3, 2008

And Ms. C Foolishly Thought She Was in on the Ground Floor

Cats for Obama. Although Ms. Thing was pained during the Palin nonsense, she would find this a tacky display.

Also, in a completely unrelated announcement, I have a new favorite happy hour bar, which features some retro seventies style and awesome tapas. And why hasn't anyone told me how delicious guava can be? I am now determined to try to make this Cuban pastry (as a result of being a regular at a recently opened Cuban sandwich, deli, and pastry shop, I scored some free sweets from the owner).


erik said...

and the chef is from philly! i approve all around.

i also noticed that the writer of that review is one "laura hansen." are we, um, moonlighting under a suspiciously similar nom de plume?

Laura said...

What? Me? No, never, no way, uh-uh. Laura Ha__ would never be me...

I missed the Philly connection, which makes it so much more awesome. We did the full dinner a few weeks ago, and it was sooooo delicious and worth the credit card exercise, economic meltdown notwithstanding.

Topping off the awesomeness of the experience, we ran into an uberboss there, and my coworker, about 3 drinks in, actually dropped to the floor. I thought she was going to crawl out of there like she was in 'Nam. Or, alternatively, that it ws going to turn into a French farce series of mishaps, trays flying, cocktails soaking matrons' blouses.

Good times. Not saying that Philly happy hours weren't as fun, you understand.