Friday, October 24, 2008

I've Come Up with a Revolutionary Concept

Hey, Republicans: A thought. Instead of spending so much energy trying to shut down early voting in key Democratic-leaning parts of Indiana and having to spread yourselves so thin to suppress, suppress, suppress the vote, how about just persuading people to vote for you? Come up with some ideas, draft a few proposals, give it the old college try.

The McCain campaign's highest paid staffer? Palin's makeup artist. I think this says everything you need to know about what they propose to offer our great nation.

It's rainy. My ipod feels I need an adrenaline injection and helpfully provides.

1. tropical bells, olivia tremor control
2. chicken wire, pernice brothers
3. teeth in the grass, iron & wine
4. chump change, new pornographers
5. wilderness, sleater-kinney
6. rise above, black flag
7. wonderland, xtc
8. the promise, the cure
9. warsaw, joy division
10. like eating glass, bloc party

And I was just thinking this morning how I was in a Bloc Party kind of mood.


Toby said...

Black Flag, I'm impressed. This may prompt me to add more hardcore to my iPod. Though now that it is doing triple duty (Marya has loaded it up with lullabies and classical music for Jacob) it might be tough. We may have to break down and buy an alternate.

Laura said...

You've got to have stuff to suit the mood, I say.

That's tough--three different tastes/uses. I don't know how you do it, frankly. I have a hard enough time with the stuff that *I* inexplicably put on there or forgot to take off. But I like a good shuffle and get offended when I have to skip through for something good.

I think you need to buy a second ipod. Then, Grinderman!