Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Twitchy, and What's with the Thumb?

McCain, still looking petulant at the last and final debate, and not owning up to the, um, death threats at his rallys (but . . . but . . . there are t-shirts at the Obama rallies!!!!!!!).

The Ayers smackdown and ACORN!!!!!! McCain can't wait to sputter that out, answering the challenge. Just look at Obama laughing.

This man is so pathetic.


Toby said...

Really, the fabric of our very democracy is at stake? I mean hyperbole is one thing, but that was just ridiculous.

erik said...

i only have this to add:

i think it accurately sums up the candidates' positions.

bbw: "fbuyk": the sound mccain is making in that photo.

Laura said...

Yeah, I think it does sum it up pretty well. McCain is the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Or, in that first season ep of Angel, the decaying (literally) smoothie who had to sleep with a woman to pass along the the alien parasite; tragically, he only succeeded in making them all scream and run away.

I missed most of the debate, though, because I was on the phone.