Friday, October 10, 2008

If Not for the Vexation of Vandalism, I Would Have Been Able to Save My Nice Wine for the Weekend

My friends, here's to a good weekend for each and every one of you. I will be writing up a storm (I think I've worked out the arc of the latest writing assignment, a murder-mystery-type affair). In addition to which, I'm suddenly inspired to clean up my yard so that it doesn't look derelict. It kills me that the house next door, where no one lives, has fewer weeds than I do when I clean up every week. It's a conspiracy all around.

The soundtrack to my pre-weekend:

1. we travel the spaceways, sun ra
2. take your carriage clock and shove it, belle & sebastian
3. rudie can't fail, the clash
4. who's gonna save my soul, gnarls barkley [this one goes out to John McCain, my friends]
5. she heightened everything, pernice brothers
6. spring succeeds, olivia tremor control
7. typical girls, the slits
8. pretty words, elvis costello and the attractions
9. profiles, the mystery meat
10. starshine, gorillaz

bonus, just because I feel like it: i really got the feeling, dolly parton

1 comment:

erik said...

ok, finally:

1. snow brigade -- mew
2. monolith -- delerium
3. after the prince and the showgirl -- shivaree
4. senegal sunugal -- orchestra baobab
5. gareth brown says -- mcclusky
6. don't think twice, it's alright -- bob dylan
7. lively up yourself -- the wailing wailers
8. another life -- the faraway places
9. four 0 clock drag #3 -- lester young
10. what am i here for? -- stan getz

and your bonus song: friends and enemies -- dj cam

have a good weekend!