Friday, October 17, 2008

The Heroic Conclusion to Another Week

It seemed like a lot more work than it needed to be. The good news for me is that I got my interim title change, on the way to director status! Next up: taking over the world. Also, I will be pleased when this weather-related sinus stuff has moved along.

1. flags, sons & daughters
2. never learn to cry, rogers sisters
3. let me ride, bloodstone
4. sunday, bloc party
5. sunndal song, apples in stereo
6. no fun, sex pistols
7. she's a sensation, the ramones
8. mr. clean, the jam
9. sovay, andrew bird
10. we must have been out of our minds, george jones with melba montgomery
bonus 11: my superman, santogold


erik said...

i just received a disk with 4 gigs of new music from a friend, so hopefully the random 10 for next week will look quite different from my usual:

1. flushed from the bathroom of your heart--johnny cash
2. i hate hate--cornelius
3. lay lady lay--bob dylan
4. oscar see through red eye--boards of canada
5. rainfall--apples in stereo
6. get on the snake--soundgarden
7. black comedy (alternate take)--miles davis
8. desperado--the langley schools music project
9. lucky--radiohead
10. scratch--morphine

Laura said...

I'm thinking of transitioning to this "genius" feature that all the kids are using.