Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Telemarketing: The Dialogue

Laura [picking up ringing phone, wine glass in hand]: Hello? . . . Hello?
Dude: Hello Ma'am. Is this Ms. [XXXX]?
Laura: Yes. [sighing in polite irritation.]
Dude: Ma'am, I'm XXXX with the Cook County Police, and we're looking for your donation to support our officers. It would help provide bullet-proof vests and other needed supplies. Can we count on your pledge of support?
Laura: I'm sorry. With the election, I'm tapped out on my charitable donations this year.
Dude: Even just fifteen dollars would help, ma'am.
Laura: I'm sorry.
Dude: That's okay. Who are you supporting in this election?
Laura: Obama.
Dude: Great! Your money's going to a good cause.

[Hometown favored-son moment of pride punctuated by metaphorical, over-the-phone terrorist fist bump.]

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