Monday, February 2, 2009

Hope Your Weekend Was Similarly Relaxing

Some of us are overtaxed by vet visits and the rude, sniffing dogs encountered there at.

I needed the sleep and felt excellent yesterday, but alas, I woke up all draggy this morning. One day of rejuvenation seems kind of paltry. More! More!

Anyway, I'm working on homework for the new writing class, and I'm feeling a bit hemmed in and uninspired. This mining of your own life for "themes" to explore sends me to dull and conventional territory so far. I obviously need to start thinking out of the box.
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Toby said...

Heroes? I actually liked last night's episode.

Laura said...

Yeah, I forgot about Heroes. I caught it by accident. I didn't realize it was back on. I also had to burn some brain cells trying to remember where we left everyone.

I found it engaging and a nice adrenaline rush, which we know is how I like my action storylines. Don't hem me in with your "plausibility!"

I like the continued ambiguity on who's working for the side of right in the big picture. What's Nathan's agenda, and why did he pick those folks as the crucial ones to ship out (no Daphne?)? Noah's participation muddles things further. And we have the foreshadowing of the dark versions of Claire and Peter, making you wonder further who's on the side of right.

It was fun to watch Sylar slap some black-ops guys around. He's got some deep-seeded parental issues, and I love the taxidermist-as-father suggestion. Peter: betrayed once again by blood at the moment of embrace.

I'm wondering where this is headed, though. It looks like a Lost-type scenario post crash.

Toby said...

Yeah, that pretty much mirrors my sentiments. It's like, "Peter, haven't you figured out that hugging your family members always turns out badly?" Of course, the script calls for Ali Larter to undress before her captors come after her: "Chill, dude. Let's wait until she's changed into something more comfortable before we hit her with the taser." And why do they want Hiro? Don't they know he's lost his powers yet? Don't you think Claire would have mentioned that fact to her dad? And how does Hiro fall under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security when he's in Tokyo? I am intrigued to see where this is heading.

Laura said...

Well, I think Nathan is stretching broadly on his jurisdiction, particularly since he's just a senator. I suspect that he's completely beyond official channels here and has perhaps gone the military-contractor route to carry this out.

I think that Hiro was a deliberate nab despite his loss of powers. I think he's got some knowledge and/or role to play that they're trying to harness or forestall. They weren't just randomly rounding up heroes, they were targeting a specific list. Why, is the question.

Toby said...

We don't know who all the heroes on the plane are, so I can't say for sure, but it looked like they were nabbing those who knew the most and/or worked with Pinehurst and/or the company. Most people with powers know nothing of the organizations tracking them or trying to mess with them, so no need to pick them up first. Grab the people who know the most about people with powers, then work down the list. That's my guess. Oh, other thing that irked me toward the end. Peter can fly, so why was he so desperately clinging to the cargo net? He could get sucked out and then just fly behind the plane, avoiding the whole "we're crashing" drama that the others have to deal with.

Laura said...

Yeah, but if that's the case, why not Daphne, who worked for Pinehurst? More to be revealed once we see who's there, I guess.

I agree on Peter. Possibly he feels he can do more on the plane itself, but remember that he has super strength plus flying ability, so perhaps he can do some Superman maneuver to save everyone else. I got that from TV Guide (friend forward).