Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh Dear God

I'm in such a place where we have a suite-only restroom, accessible only to staff. I'm also unfortunately in a place where I have had to fish unflushed paper towels out of the toilet, put there by an unspecified person who is apparently accustomed to flushing all manner of materials down their home toilets.

I was happy to take the bullet (or the coathanger, as it were) the first time this happened. But since then, staff meetings have been held and e-mails were sent updating the gathered on the inadvisability of such things. Everybody onboard, it would seem, and in agreement.

So when it happens again, I think you have to say we're no longer operating under the rules of a civilized society.


erik said...

we have a guy who brings a full cup of water into the restroom stall with him (he doesn't try to hide it, and we've all seen him do it). it's always a little unpleasant to encounter that paper cup (now empty) perched on top of the handicap rail. and the guy's name is joe, so the phrase "cup of joe" has, um, lost it's folksy appeal in these parts.

Toby said...

I'm always amazed at how many people seem incapable of using a toilet correctly. Do they use an outhouse at home? Keep a plunger on duty 24/7? Or is it that they've never seen toilet paper before and don't know what will happen when they try to flush half the roll down the toilet? My anger kills a little piece of me every time I open a stall door to find a blocked toilet.

Laura said...

Ohhhh, this makes me feel so much better. And yet, a little sad. (Erik, I'm wiping a tear of laughter off my eye this very second.) The fridge wars discussion wasn't so long ago, so I should remember.

I just got a most excellent memo from a friend's office, in which they were being assured that mugs distributed at Christmas were not, in fact, toxic and met all the Federal Government's guidelines for ceramic beverage containers.