Monday, February 9, 2009

Surreal Conversation of the Day

On Friday, I had one of periodic outbursts of righteous explanation on the way things should be in my sphere of apparently little influence. It's goofy, it's frustrating, I get on my high horse to try to right it all on occasion, but such is the way of a power vacuum and no one wanting to make decisions.

Anyway, as a predictable result of a situation that I've been trying to point out for the past 8 months or so, we are preparing to arrange an emergency meeting to address editorial follow through on conference papers and our publisher interest in same (i.e., the person who should be following up to publish things is not, ergo presenters are baffled and offended). I was talking with a quasi-muckety muck about topics for our next upcoming venture, and he was expressing concern on whether these things would be high-quality enough to publish. To which I had to point out that it's really beside the point if your whole system breaks down on the follow-through, isn't it? I don't think he quite got it.

You laugh or you cry, no?


Toby said...

Two thoughts from last night:

1) It's nice to have a president who can speak in full sentences and actually seems to have an internal well of knowledge to draw from, rather than having gleaned everything from notecards his staff wrote for him.
2)After an interesting opening, Heroes seems to be returning to its previous level of mediocrity.

Laura said...

I had the same thought on number 1! I found myself cringing, waiting for him to stumble while trying to explain the origins of the economic crisis (oh god! did he memorize it well enough?!). My expectations have been so effectively re-set over the last eight years, I'm reflexively expecting ignorance with a veneer of talking points.

Sorry, I missed Heroes. Will have to be disappointed online.