Monday, February 23, 2009

So, How About Those Oscars?

Did you laugh? Did you cry? Was it better than Cats?

My observations:

Panning to Angelina Jolie while Jennifer Aniston was presenting--oh, so National Enquirier-covered cat fight!

Kevin Kline--morphing into Vincent Price? Discuss.

Resolved: No one, but no one, looks good in a strapless dress. Either gravity is working against you, you're mushing up weird bits of loose skin, or you have weird bones jutting out in strange places.

Mickey Rourke--are those his real teeth?

Sophia Loren--doesn't she look a bit like the statuette herself?

Was it a plus that it didn't feel interminable this year and that there weren't any serious diva moments?

Hugh Jackman--charmingly entertaining, or irritatingly cloying? Is he, as Barbara Walters would have it, the last of the true song-and-dance men?


Toby said...

We have it on DVR and will watch when we can fast forward through everything. I did catch a bit though, and I will say that Goldie Hawn looked horrible, but that's not really not a change from recent history.

Laura said...

Yeah, I had the same thought. There are some people rocking a natural(ish) aging process, then there are people caking on the bronzer and tucking tucking tucking.

I blame impossible beauty standards, though. Dudes just look distinguished, unless we're talking Kevin Costner or Mickey Rourke.