Friday, February 27, 2009

The Postal Service, Indeed

Today's music list wants to rub salt in my wounds. First, it's a music list and thus reminding me that the excellent mix (labeled thusly) that I painstakingly made and sent to someone got stolen from the envelope. Stolen, people. As in arrival of an empty envelope, said envelope naturally getting delivered, as the post office knows from delivering envelopes, empty or otherwise. Then, of course, the ipod imps have to mock with putting the Postal Service in there. Sigh.

1. down in the tube station at midnight, the jam (live version)
2. cadillac on 22's, david banner
3. if you find yourself caught in love, belle and sebastian
4. theme for a very delicious grand piano, olivia tremor control
5. identity, x-ray spex
6. white boy, bikini kill
7. too tough to die, the ramones
8. love you more, the buzzcocks
9. come see about me, the supremes
10. recycled air, the postal service

But my pretty crummy and stressed-out week is over! And tonight will feature a well-earned happy hour saturated with Spanish wine. Yum.

Oh, curious at all about the state of housing prices? They're down ten percent in one month.


erik said...

who would've guessed that klepto hipster douchebags work in post office sorting rooms? i guess since tower went under they all drifted into gov't work.

here's my random 10. it's chock full of grumpy rock music this week. make of that what you will:

1. the guns of brixton -- the clash
2. road cases -- drive-by truckers
3. a question of lust -- depeche mode
4. honest with me -- bob dylan
5. i can't fall in love -- irving
6. strange currencies -- r.e.m.
7. wallace -- drive-by truckers
8. bitter -- me'shell ndegeocello
9. complex c -- steve lehman
10. next exit -- interpol

Laura said...

Well, I just hope whoever has it is enjoying it.