Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Your Joe the Plumber Career Update

Is this a face that would lead you down an economic dead end? I think not.

Following a thwarted plumbing business (goddamned taxes!), a fruitless search for a book deal, an embryonic album, and the harrowing specter of journalism in a war zone, Joe the Plumber has branched out again. In his next incarnation, a last and fierce attempt to squeeze the dregs and drops of opportunity from his fifteen minutes of fame, he's set to become an advisor to congressional Republicans.

It's probably unnecessary for me to point out that he will be speaking on the economic stimulus legislation, as I think we're all clear on where his real expertise lies.


erik said...

he's making cameos at congressional aide stategy meetings? more like "joe the slummer" these days! (insert rimshot here)

Toby said...

A friend of mine sent a link to this page . It seems appropriate.

Laura said...

Okay, that was amusing.