Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Need a Bit of Music Infusion

It's not Friday, but as I'm outta here after today, I declare it officially so. So random music queuing.

1. all the old showstoppers, new pornographers
2. sweet soul music, the jam
3. high on a mountain top, loretta lynn
4. catching the butterfly, the verve
5. no growing (exegesis), olivia tremor control
6. wishful thinking, the album leaf
7. beechwood park, the zombies
8. room 13, black flag
9. lust for life, iggy pop
10. nothin', townes van zandt

And it's nice and schizophrenic, which is always a good thing. Class was eh, since we had a substitute whose style could best be described as haranguing and who decided for some reason that I would serve as a nice example for proper in-class participation (following the haranguing, of course). Did she pick on the scowly girl who left halfway through class? Nooooooooo.

I'm also gearing up today for some teeth-gritting office dysfunction and staff togetherness. Inmates ==> asylum.

Beyond that, senioritis, baby. Checked out. Weekend on the horizon.


erik said...

this morning i'm having a surprisingly mellow and stable random song selection by itunes. calm before the storm? who knows and who cares? i'm mostly checked out as well, looking forward to a long weekend in the mountains where i've heard tell i can see a meteorological phenomenon called "snow."

1. driving down by the hudson river -- yuka honda
2. judy and the dream of horses -- belle & sebastian
3. my man's gone now -- bill evans
4. hula medley -- r. crumb and his cheal suit serenade
5. que n'ai-je? -- keren ann
6. this strange effect -- hooverphonic
7. paper tiger -- spoon
8. lay lady lay -- bob dylan
9. ndiaga niaw -- orchestra baobab
10. aeroplane -- keren ann

enjoy your long weekend.

Laura said...

Thanks, dude. You too! That, how you say, "snow" should be amusing to see in laboratory conditions. We, on the other hand, have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather and the absence of layers.