Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'll Regret This When I Get the Endless Answering-Machine Message

A friend of mine enjoys answering-machine bombing people round about Easter every year with an appropriately themed rap. This year, writer's block seems to have descended, because I've been enlisted to brainstorm. Although, frankly, I support something a bit more transcendent than last year's offering, the theme to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ("In West Bethlehem, born and raised . . ."), my base of knowledge of rap artists is limited. Suggestions?


Toby said...

Clearly, your friend needs to come up with an Easter rap for Big Pimpin:


We doin' egg huntin', usin' some Paas
Check 'em out now, we doin' egg huntin' on E-Easter Day
We doin' egg huntin' in I L L I

D Y Y Y Y Y Y E, yeah
And let's D Y Y Y Y Y E
Check 'em out now
D Y Y Y Y Y Y E, yeah

I'll have to leave the mad rhymes to you and your peeps, but there's the chorus.

Laura said...

Niiiice. I like your nod to the more commercial, pagan aspects of the holiday, which is my interest, along with the marshmallow peeps.

Toby said...

With so many f-bombs in the source material, it didn't seem right to take the religious angle.