Monday, March 24, 2008

Look at That, My NPR Irritation Extends Beyond Cokie Roberts

Summary of this morning's incisive NPR coverage on the nation's Easter services "discussion on race," as sparked by Obama's speech regarding Rev. Wright (I highly recommend, by the way, seeing Wright's sermons in totality on youtube. The post-9/11 one, in particular, was taken absurdly out of context. Shocking, I know.):

1. Interviewed subjects: all members of black churches, as white people have no race and require no discussion on same.

2. Quoted person declaring incendiary language in black churches unnecessary because "we're not oppressed anymore"? Check.

3. Interview with pastor whose welcoming embrace of Louis Farakkhan is noted by NPR interviewer? Check.

4. Noting of origins of the fiery preaching of the black church in the "Black Power movement"? Check.

5. Inane political discussion by Juan Williams (yes, that guy from Fox News), who notes:

a) For the love of God, Obama needs to reassure white people!

b) The speech didn't really work to reassure those white people. Clinton and Obama are tied now, as evidenced by viewing polls from February versus polls taken this week.
This metric neatly ellides the relevant time frame for measuring whether said speech actually worked (e.g., a ten-point recovery from last week to this week). Alas, he might have talked about what people actually, you know, told pollsters about what they thought of said speech, but that would be less fun and less narrative-reinforcing.

c) Hillary is up 15 points in Pennsylvania! He's not closing the gap! White people, the humanity of the unreassured white people!
Of course, she's always polled a wide lead there, because the demographics favor her (older, working class). In any event, we'll see where it is in a month.

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