Friday, January 23, 2009

Impending End of the Longest Shortest Week Ever

I find I'm listening eagerly to NPR for the sole purpose of hearing someone intone the words "President Obama." And in his first few hours in office, he's hitting the ground running. It's enough to make a person tear up with the awesomeness of it all. I expect it's what it's like for desert-island castaways when they finally return to civilization and are presented with a really good buffet.

It's Friday, so random music to ease me into my day.

1. she is beyond good and evil, the pop group
2. quicksand, david bowie
3. freedom hangs like heaven, iron & wine
4. we can talk, the band
5. deirdre, the beach boys
6. before i'm over you, loretta lynn
7. cast off crown, deerhoof
8. straight to you, nick cave & the bad seeds
9. walken, wilco
10. heaven, squeeze

And do you suppose it can be blamed on my cable-less existence that I know all about things like the Heat Surge and the Chia cat grass planter but had never until yesterday heard of this film?


Toby said...

Slumdog Millionaire created a huge buzz in the Indian American community, so I heard about it that way, and saw it over Christmas. I enjoyed it. I generally like Danny Boyle's films anyway. We even bought the sound track off of iTunes. Give a listen, maybe you'll like some of it.

Laura said...

I like his films too, I see--Trainspotting and Shallow Grave were his... Huh.

I've got to do a better job of keeping up with this stuff. I just saw that Mike Leigh had a film in the mix that I never heard of, as well. It's like I can only stay current on either movies or music--it's too much work to do both.

Sad statement, really.

erik said...

i am cable-less as well, but i don't know how this film escaped your notice. i feel like it was talked/written about everywhere. or maybe that's just LA. Slumdog is worth the $14 (or whatever you pay where you are) to see it on a big screen.
in a completely unrelated aside, the links in your post introduced me to the unintentionally hilarious and mildly disturbing phrase "deluxe amish cherry." so, umn thanks for that.

erik said...

oh, and here's my random ten:

1. trust -- me'shell ndegeocello
2. svefn-g-englar -- sigur ros
3. turntable pounding -- david krakauer
4. across the univers -- the beatles
5. come in alone -- my bloody valentine
6. dee moo woor -- orchestra baobab
7. mandinga -- rodriguez fiffe
8. spilled milk factory -- ugly cassanova
9. satisfy my soul -- U roy & JC lodge
10. washington street -- laurie anderson

Laura said...

The Amish have a certain marketing genius, this is so. And don't even think of ordering more than one heat surge for yourself, Mr. Judgy Judgy ("how could you not have heard of this movie that even my cat's in the know on?"). They're regionally restricted, that's how coveted they are. Fine Amish craftsmanship, aided by subcontracted electrical work, is its own reward.

erik said...

no judgment intended, for reals. i was merely impressed by your ability to evade the slumdog millionaire marketing juggernaut.

and for the record, my cat thought the movie was just "meh."

Laura said...

My obliviousness knows no limits; I've been known to miss celebrities, altercations, etc. etc.

And I can totally see how your cat wouldn't be a Bollywood fan. It totally jibes with what I know of him. I figure he's more Tarantino.

Laura said...

And mine's all about Jarmusch, for the record. She found the opening of Ghost Dog to be totally mesmerizing.

erik said...

i think my cat's too scaredy for tarantino. once, a long time ago, i was watching watership down and he became intensely interested in the action on the screen, to the point where he started pawing at it.

Laura said...

Perhaps you need to hook him up with some of this action.