Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Do We Think?

My new, less pink bedroom color.
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Toby said...

Hard to tell on my screen. Looks like a very subtle pink, now. Maybe something along the lines of Sunset White.

Laura said...

Yeah, I'm starting to feel haunted by that pink color, because I do layers of other stuff, and it still seems to have a pinkish hue in there. It could be my aura. Methinks another coat may be in order.

But it's actually called
"Indian white"
. It's kind of a buttery color, with a bit more brown in it.

Kathy JB said...

It looks more brownish than pinkish to me.

Niiiiccceee. I like it.

Toby said...

Did you see "Le Confessional" with me during the Philadelphia film festival? Can't recall who went with me to that one. Your comment reminds me of the trope in that film where he was trying to repaint a wall that bore the shadows of the pictures that had hung there in the past. It took many coats of paint, one of which had to be the contrasting color of the original wall color.

Laura said...

Thanks, KJB!

Toby, hmmmm, it seems likely I went with on that one, but I couldn't say for certain. Alternatively, it may have been that I pooh-poohed your Frenchified-ness, and you went with Thais or something. I have no recall of that film in particular, and the festival itself is only a vague memory. It was fun, though! I remember that! And I made it back from a trip to Cleveland just in time for the first showing. And I had a nifty new grandmother-recycled retro jacket.

Weird, what you remember.

Toby said...

To be accurate, the film is actually French Canadian, but still mostly in French. Possible it was Thaisa. The other films I remember from that were the Dutch film that won the best foreign film oscar that year, some bizarre Ukrainian film about mobsters, a bizarre Japanese film about mobsters, a French comedy about a family gathering, some really ridiculous film called the Pigeon Egg Mystery or something like that, and High Art, where Ally Sheedy plays a lesbian heroin-addict/photographer. That may have been two separate festivals run together, though.

Laura said...

No, I remember seeing the Ukrainian film, now that you mention it, and I recall the Ally Sheedy thing, because I thought: Ally Sheedy???