Friday, January 16, 2009

So This Is What It's Like to Live in Fargo

My car did start this morning, I was amazed to discover, despite the -17 temperature and -30/-40 wind chills and the fact that I had to park on the street due to my frozen garage door. And it only took 30 minutes for the car to warm up enough to allow me to move the gearshift into neutral, which is not so much time to sit there with your foot on the clutch.

Post-move insanity continues apace, including bathroom drama ("the door's shut! the door's locked! how will we know if someone's in there? maybe we need a sign.") and building safety and security orientation, which, sadly--and despite the content and delivery ("What do we do in this situation? Can anyone tell me? We give them the Broadway smile!")--did not actually feature hand puppets.

Random music because I was an idiot and left my ipod here last night, hence I'm in tune withdrawal.

1. farther on up the road, lonnie mack
2. what's mine is yours, sleater-kinney
3. 8 days on the road, howard tate
4. brownsville blues, furry lewis
5. wildwood flower, loretta lynn
6. i'm going to hell, the long blondes
7. 1000 umbrellas, xtc
8. in the aeroplane over the sea, neutral milk hotel
9. interzone, joy division
10. turnstyles, stanley ross

And thank god the week is over and I have Monday off for MLK day. Oh, and I registered for my next writing class. So yay for me on that.

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erik said...

that sounds rough, even for a winter-lovin' fool like myself.

my randon ten this week is brought to you by the good robots at pandora:

1. all i need -- radiohead
2. where is my mind -- the pixies
3. slow jam -- four tet
4. julia walsh -- cex
5. faen -- secret frequency crew
6. composure -- b. fleischmann
7. the beat -- elvis costello
8. sail away -- nick cave and the bad seeds
9. saving all my love for you -- tom waits
10. forever for never -- miwa gemini