Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yes! Yes!

This is so very exciting: I'm printing wirelessly. Wirelessly, people! I set up, I configured, I disabled my firewall, I did it all by my very self without crashing anything. I feel so tech savvy. And now I am printing letters.

Now if I could only get my camera connection and music in a network-accessible location so that I may avoid the twelve-step process of carrying files back and forth, I would be golden for all occasions.


Nikki said...

Yeah! I have tried this before and it is not easy to do.

Laura said...

Honestly, the printer made it super-easy. I just hooked up an ethernet cable between the printer and the router, then configured it remotely with my laptop--the install discs walked me through the rest.

And my mac-goddess friend took copious notes on how she set up my router, so that helped.