Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Is This "Work" You Speak Of?

I must say, returning to the office after an extended period of relaxation and snacking is very distressing. Worse still is coming back and having to unpack and deal with dreary things like finding your stapler.

But, we are finally moved to the new office space! And I am in posh accommodations, indeed, compared with the other people who are not muckety-mucks. I have the solo office, with two spaces from which to choose my favorite work nook. I have a bright green wall and cheery overhead lights. (How they make fluorescent lights cheery and warm, as opposed to soul-scorching, I don't know. Maybe they popped for the special "warm light" versions.) I have less shelf space than before, but I have the luxury of floor and desk space in which to temporarily park all the stuff I no longer have shelf space for.

In contrast, those in Cubesville are seething and resentful, bunched together and fighting over common areas. I'm sympathetic, to be sure. It's a raw deal, and there's no privacy (well, there will be a lot of the time, because two of the three people only work part time).

And okay, a part of me feels guilty. I didn't ask for anything (okay, the oversized monitor, I did ask for, but I can't help it if they give it to me, right?). But another part of me thinks: eh, I'm here more than you, I'm not a clock watcher, and I step up to do much, much more. So I don't feel too bad about it.

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