Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Snowing, So It Must Be Friday

I think we have confirmed that Midwesterners can talk at length of few things like they can the weather. We're like the Eskimos with 300 words for snow, only for us, it's 300 curse words and variations on complaints.

I'm on my last free weekday day before our regularly scheduled work days resume on Monday. I will be very very sad to resume real-world functioning and to have to return to new windowless quarters at our new office space. However, I will say that there may be benefit to me seeing actual human beings in the wild, as I'm starting to resemble a bag lady, shlumping around in the same sweater for days in a row, no makeup, crazy hair, ripped coat, hat with strings hanging off everywhere. And just yesterday, while ducking through a mall, I was waylaid by a friendly European woman selling hair straightening irons. I could barely understand her, and she could barely understand me, but as she beckoned me over to ply her wares, I found myself telling her, at length, about how one cannot contemplate achieving anything good with one's hair while the weather is so bad and we're all skulking around with ugly knit caps and consequent hat hair and static. At first, she tried to keep up with me on my diatribe, asking for clarification. Finally, she just fell silent and looked at me like I was a lunatic.

But I console myself on the inevitable slide into old-age eccentricity with some new music. My pre-shoveling random shuffle doesn't seem keen to feature any of it, but still, I know it's there.

1. water ban, pernice brothers
2. iron woman, devin davis
3. nature of the experiment, tokyo police club
4. friday night, lily allen
5. things that scare me, neko case
6. ancient curse, peter, bjorn & john
7. five years, david bowie
8. all we have is now, flaming lips
9. sunny afternoon, the kinks
10. mannequin, wire


erik said...

first randon ten of the new year:

1. a round figure -- solex
2. todos os desejos -- fantastic plastic machine
3. same ghost every night -- wolf parade
4. bernie -- the jon spencer blues explosion
5. whole lotta love -- tina turner
6. moth in the incubator -- the flaming lips
7. dory previn -- camera obscura
8. in the city -- the jam
9. south -- bernie moten's kansas city orchestra
10. olee/variations and song/open road -- pat martino

i might start listing my pandora lists here in place of my ipod. it's ultimately much more random, and i've been spending a lot of time there.

enjoy your last weekend before the monday walk of shame back to the office.

Laura said...

Turns out, I get an extra day off. It could be this is how they fire you--by increments.