Monday, July 28, 2008

I Decoupage!

This is a teeny cabinet I found at Goodwill ages ago that I'm turning into a wine rack/shelf for my kitchen (when I get the rest of it done, I'll show you the whole finished product). I painted it and took the doors off; the idea is that I can get some sort of single-row short metal wine rack to stabilize the bottles in there (although it's not tragic if I can't find anything; the bottles don't really roll around). I X-acto-knifed a retro-style cookbook for the pictures. Cool, no?

This is where you end up when you attempt to paint your dining room table. Option A: Small, manageable task with concrete results that, if things go horribly awry, can be pitched with no lost investment? Option B: Probable days-long endeavor with potential hideous results ("nutmeg?" what was I thinking?)? Yeah, I came to the same conclusion.

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