Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't Ask Me How Many of These I've Been to, and Thus, How I Know Where All the Booths Are

It's that time of the summer, again--the time when I express appropriate gratitude for not being employed at an office park somewhere on Lake O'Hare. The only thing that would make my lunchtime forays among the booths featuring treats by some of the best restaurants in Chicago more exciting would be an accompanying wine-tasting festival.

A new entry this year is this restaurant, run by the African Hebrew Israelites and featuring some spectacular vegan soul food (yes, vegan. and yes, non-vegetarians also love the food). Mmmmmm, barbecue twists, which I may have to seek out in their natural habitat on the South Side.

Unfortunately, on our wanderings today we heard some crap band, which sounded like the worst country band you can imagine mixed with the worst metal (in my friend's immortal words, like an unholy combination of Brooks & Dunn and Motley Crue). Yesterday we saw a dapper (matching mint-green suits!) Motown cover band featuring some nice harmonies and choreography to make Berry Gordy proud.

Throw in the agoraphobia-inducing crowds and the street acts (hey, did you know that the kids are tap-dancing these days?), and you've got a festival, my friends.


Lynette said...

Looks like I'll have to try that vegetarian soul food place (they have one in DC). Fabulous find at the great taste.

I will forever associate the cheese cake on a stick with that fabulous event.

Laura said...

Oh yeah! I meant to point out the DC one, as well. Apparently here, at least, the service is sloooooooow, but eh, it's soul food.

Frozen cheesecake on a stick!! I haven't had that in a while. I did blow out of a staff lunch yesterday for a bit of Italian ice (hey, you don't use your tickets, you lose them).