Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today's Tip for Properly Understanding Your Candidates

I help you understand the rules, so that you can be a right-thinking citizen:

RULE: "Bipartisanship" is good! Lest you think this idea of "bipartisanship" has anything to do with persuading members of the other party to pass objectively worthy legislation, perish the thought! Nor does "bipartisanship" have anything to do with going against the idealogues of your party and standing for something right, even though the easy political path is something wrong but popular among the voters. No no no! The true measure of it is how mavericky you are in bucking your party leadership. Yes, friends, if we view things in the correct light, I think we can all see Joe Lieberman for the "bipartisan" treasure that he is. And I know I don't have to tell you how the calculus comes out for a mavericky maverick like John McCain.

Separate note on objective media sourcing: When comparing two candidates' performances against each other, it is best to cull all your quotes from supporters and fellow party members of candidate A and such dispassionate analyzers of fact as AEI.

Also, John McCain likes doughnuts with sprinkles and coffee with a little cream and a little sugar.

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