Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh For God's Sake

The high-maintenance, highly medicated, chin-washing, tooth-extracted cat has a bald spot forming on her stomach. Yesterday it was thinning. Today it is bald. Alopecia? OCD? Delayed stress syndrome? Will she soon be hairless as a chihuahua?

I give up. I'm weary. I'm over it. I'm ready to stuff her in a box and ship her back to the goddamned humane society whence she came.

This is the offending behavior:


Toby said...

I don't know the deal with cats, but Graham gives himself hotspots all the time by worrying specific patch of fur either with excessive licking or biting. We usually have to put him in the cone until it heals over and then the fur grows back in.

Laura said...

Good lord. Poor poochie.

I just talked to a coworker, whose neurotic cat occasionally chews her leg bald. I guess it's not uncommon. And the alternative with the peeing all over is much much much (add a few more in there for good measure) worse.

Hope you all are getting sleep. Send pictures! When are you done on the job?

Toby said...

We've been lucky, no hotspots, yet this summer, though he seems a bit anxious since the baby arrived home yesterday.

Not much sleep last night, but the pediatrician gave the green light for pacifiers, so we're hoping that might help him sleep better tonight.

Pictures should be going out soon (at least one).