Monday, November 24, 2008

Adjacency to Power

Obama and Biden are across the street from me this very moment, giving a press conference at one of our overpriced, honcho-preferred lunch spots. A couple of us walked over to see what we could see, and we saw . . . not much, actually. We walked through the building from one end to the other (first floor), saw the entrance to the ballroom where they were, and saw a bunch of cops giving us the hairy eyeball as we strolled. The media cameras were set up outside for his exit and we were wondering whether we could get in the same zip code to actually see anything. Seems unlikely. But as my lunchtime sandwich plans are in that general direction, I'll give a look-see.

In any event, the doorman is working on getting our personal message to the man, so Obama knows to stop by afterward. He suggested that, since he was from Detroit, it might not be that easy for them to speak the same language and bond, and whatnot. There might be some rivalry. He'd do his best, though. That's all we ask.

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