Monday, November 17, 2008

Why, As Soon as They Get the Opposable Thumbs, They're Taking Over the Universe

Last night, I was carrying the cat around, giving her the house tour from 5 feet (she finds the stuff visible from that perspective--plants, knick knacks, dusty shelves--to be endlessly fascinating. I usually narrate, it's a whole big thing and keeps her from clawing my feet in boredom). I swung her around to the front door, and we peered out the window. At that moment, a low, dark flash of movement flew down the sidewalk, surprising the hell out of both of us. It looked too big to be a cat, way too fast and lithe to be a dog.

So, our odd moment concluded, and me wondering what it was I had just seen, I put her down on the floor. She raced to the radiator, then to one of the front windows, where she proceeded to claw the blind from the side and peer behind it into the direction of the disappeared flash. I was right behind her. I would have run out into the street, but the neighbor who already thinks I'm crazy for utilitarian cat swaddling saw me staring with her out the window.

Suburban weirdness.


Laura said...
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Toby said...

Fox maybe? I had one run in front of me during a morning jog back when I lived in Baltimore.

Laura said...

Could be. From the nanosecond of it that I saw, it looked black. I was spinning all sorts of urban myths of escaped zoo panthers or X-Files otherworldly creatures. Full moon? No full moon?

It was a hilarious cross-species shared moment of wtf, though.

Toby said...

Any Heroes discussion? Though it's tanking in the ratings, I still like some of the storylines. Still weaker than the original season, but worth watching.